Emerald Waves Investments, LLC was established with the everyday family and individual in mind. Our mission is to offer a versatile investment strategy, as opposed to traditional “long” only investments (most mutual funds) which can only increase in value when their respective price appreciates.

Our core product, “RC Strategy”, can monetize both the upward and downward movements of securities for our clients. We believe managing client portfolios this way can reduce volatility, and thereby offer more consistent and repeatable returns over time.

Equities remain an essential asset class towards achieving most of our current and future clients’ investment and retirement goals as current long-term return expectations for bonds are not enough. Our hope is to demonstrate that equities, when managed in a hedged fashion, is a prudent and effective investment class. We seek not to outperform the respective equity benchmarks (such as the S&P 500) every year, but to provide our clients with the returns necessary to accomplish their financial goals. Think of us as the slow and steady tortoise as opposed to the hare.

Emerald Waves Investments, LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm providing investment and retirement services to individuals, families, businesses and institutions. Emerald Waves core offering is the “RC Strategy”, a long/short equity investment strategy. We are based in the San Francisco Bay and San Jose area, and registered with the State of California.